Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) is a type of memory semiconductor that temporarily saves data by storing it as an electronic charge in a capacitor. Because DRAMs outperform other memory semiconductors in combining higher memory density with faster speeds they are used today as the main memory in PCs, servers, mobile devices, digital consumer electronics and many other kinds of information-communication and electronics equipment. The growing functionality of this equipment would not be possible without DRAMs as one of the key enabling devices.

Elpida Memory, Inc. (Elpida) was created in December 1999 as Japan's only specialist manufacturer of DRAMs. Since its founding Elpida has focused on using its world-leading advanced DRAM technology to develop high performance and highly functional DRAM products. By consistently producing and supplying high-quality DRAM products based on its unique and highly efficient manufacturing process Elpida aims to become the World's No.1 DRAM solutions company and an important contributor to the further development of the digital information society.



Founded in May, 2001 by Chairman and CEO Mr. Simon Chen, A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd. has quickly risen to become one of the world’s largest memory and flash product providers. At the beginning, with DRAM modules as the major product line, A-DATA’s mission was to become “The Global Leading Brand of Memory Products.” Later on, recognizing the market’s trend, A-DATA diversified its product portfolio to include Flash peripherals and multimedia solutions. Capitalizing on the strong growth of DRAM memory and flash related products in the market, based on DRAMeXchange 2006 and iSuppli 2006 reports, A-DATA ranks second in the world for DRAM Modules and fourth for Flash Disks respectively.

Mr. Chen proudly points out that A-DATA has been profitable every year, even when the DRAM market cycle and pricing was fluctuating dramatically. Mr. Chen has led A-DATA on the right track and the company continues to hit historical highs for revenue. This strong growth allowed A-DATA to reach NT$26.2 billion (US$795 million) in revenue for 2004. In 2005, total sales revenue increased significantly to NT$32 billion (US$973 million). The revenue for 2006 is still increasing a lot compared to 2005. Looking to the future, as the second largest DRAM memory provider in the world and Taiwan’s fourteenth top global brand in 2006, A-DATA will instill the spirit of “Only Accept Number One” to continue to drive our brand and market growth.



SanDisk has grown to become the world's largest supplier of innovative flash memory data storage products.

Serving both consumers (with more than 240,000 retail storefronts worldwide) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), SanDisk designs, develops, manufactures and markets flash storage products for a wide variety of electronic systems and digital devices. SanDisk also licenses its technology to a number of other industry-leading companies.

With flash memory's capability for storing large amounts of data in a compact, removable or embedded format, SanDisk's products have helped drive the exponential growth in sales of digital cameras, multi-function mobile phones, USB flash drives, digital audio/video players, and other digital consumer devices.

SanDisk currently has more than 1,100 U.S. patents, more than 600 foreign patents, and more than 1440 patent applications pending in the U.S. SanDisk is the only company, worldwide, that has the rights to both manufacture and sell every major flash card format, including CompactFlash®, SD™, miniSD™, microSD™, MultiMediaCard™, Reduced Size MultiMediaCard (RS-MMC™), Memory Stick PRO™ and related Memory Stick® products, xD-Picture Card™ and USB flash drives.



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